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They said it!

  • I actually have it in my profile pics! I absolutely love it and want to thank you for doing such beautiful work!! I am a collector of artwork but only special work and yours is special to me!
·         Nikki Jade


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  • Hi Seth,  You’ll find this picture familiar.  I bought for a friend who framed it.  It was special because I had been to a colonial style dinner where each of us were able to participate in making the meal from scratch.  Jim was in charge of churning the butter.  So, this picture of churning butter was very special to him…
Nancy Harbron
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  • Seth,   I would like to thank you for your wonderful paintings.  In our house, we have a room decorated in all stuff from Africa.  My husband spent 3 months in Kenya and loves Rhinos.  When I found the painting of the rhino, it was a must buy for me.  All of your paintings are absolutely beautiful.  Keep doing it! 
God Bless you,
Captain Wendy Morrison
Augusta, Maine
The Salvation Army

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Visiting Lizard!

Some visitors think
they can get away with it.
not in my mind.
Ooops! as this project neared  the end, it got leaks from the back side,
fixed and cleaned! 

Next time Mr. Lizard passes by
am watching! s